Retrieve list of subscriptions to a node


i already posted similar question in Smack forum, but I’m not sure if it’s more smack or openfire related, so i’m posting it here to

I’m trying to retreive list of subsriptions to specific node. I’ve implemented, but the list returned is always empty. There definetely are subscibers to that node and testuser2 is owner.


<iq id="12388" to="pubsub.simonraz" from="testuser2@simonraz" type="get"> <pubsub xmlns=''><subscriptions node='testNode99'/></pubsub></iq>


<iq id="12388" to="testuser2@simonraz/Smack" from="pubsub.simonraz" type="result"><pubsub xmlns=""><subscriptions xmlns=""><subscription></subscription></subscriptions></pubsub></iq>

Thnaks in advance,