Retrieving properties of a user

I am creating XMPP users using OpenFire create-user RestAPI call. And i am setting some properties for users as indicated in PayLoad Example 2.

After creating users, i add them to each others rosters. So, every user has every other user in his/her contact list (roster)

Now, on the client side (i use smack library), when i retrieve the roster for any user, i expect the properties to come back as well along with the users’ jabber id and such. But i am not seeing the properties xml tag.

I don’t want to create vCards (as i have heard it’s hard to set up LDAP with OpenFire, etc) just to achieve this lightweight metadata setting for the user.

Any idea if what i am trying to do is even feasible. Are properties supposed to be transmitted in theIQ result stanza in response to the IQ GET stanza?

Thanks for looking and thanks in advance.

PS: If vCard is the only way for me to achieve what i want, then pls let me know how to go about setting it up. Any pointers are highly appreciated.