Retrieving sessionid in openfire

How to retrieve sessionid from openfire (Which is stored in fpsession table)? Right now am using the tomcat as the web server. I want to retrieve the chat history. If I get the sessionid from the openfire server I can retrieve the chat transcripts from the database. Please help me. Its very urgent.


My post may not be much help for you, but where are you seeing this ‘fpsession’ table?


Hey @Praveen,

How are you thinking of using this information and from where? If you want to use it from the server itself then you may want to create a class that implements the WorkgroupEventListener interface that will receive an event when a chat session has finished and a transcript has been stored in the fpSession table. If you want to send the transcript by email then you may be interested in knowing that Fastpath already provides such functionality where the user that requested the help will get a chat transcript when the session is over.


– Gato

Thank you for ur answer. According to my understanding, the chat transcripts can be retrieved based on the sessionid. But I couldnt get the sessionid. Is there any way to get the sessionid? Becoz, I want to show the chat transcripts in my application. Not in the server end. My application will provide a ticketId to the client who r in need of support. If his /her problem is not solved, he/she will be using the ticketId for the future chats. So, if he/she comes to the chat next time, I want to retrieve the chat history to the client. At present am using fast path. I have planned to add one more iframe in the fast path client. In that iframe the chat transcripts must be provided.

There r two ways to do. One is if I get the sessionId for the particular session, I can store that sessionId and ticketId in my database and can retrieve the chat transcripts. The other way is, if am capable of storing the ticketId instead of storing the caseID in fpsession table, I can retrieve the chats based on the above information.

Am not sure whether am going in the right path.

Can u plz help me regarding this?