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Reverse-proxied web admin panel


I’‘m trying to reverse proxy the web admin panel so I can access it at http://my.domain/jabber/. I’‘ve got the apache end configured correctly; it’‘s proxying all connections to /jabber to my internal wildfire admin panel on port 9090. However, the admin panel tries to redirect everything to /*.jsp. This doesn’'t work at all, since the public URL for it starts with /jabber. Any ideas?



I think that Wifi sets a Cookie, so you may check if this Cookie exists and rewrite or redirect those requests to /jabber.

Or vote for JM-496 to get an much more easy way to do this.


Do you have a “ProxyPassReverse” directive in Apache.

If I remember correctly, that tell’'s Apache to rewrite any redirects and such coming back through from the backend server to accomodate the differing URL-space.

I don’‘t know off the top of my head if the admin page sets any cookies. If it does, you’'ll probably need ProxyPassReverseCookiePath and ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain to rewrite the domains and paths in the cookies as they come back through as well. The Cookie directives are only available in Apache 2.2.x at this point.