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RHEL 4 service question

This is just plain strange, so I figured I’'d best ask, before digging too much further myself.

I installed Jive Messenger 2.1.3 from the RPM package on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ES server, configured and tested it with no problems. I ran the redhat-postinstall script, which did everything it advertised it would do (jive user, script in /etc/init.d, symbolic link in the appropriate rc#.d folder).

Now… I can start up Jive Messenger by running “/etc/init.d/jive-messengerd start” as root once the server’‘s up and running. But… for whatever reason, it won’‘t start up at server startup. The service lists as starting OK when I’'m watching the startup, and shows as a successful startup when I look in the system logs, but no process is running by the time I log in and run a ps… any ideas?

Did you check the Jive Messenger logs? They should be in /opt/jive_messenger/logs/. The system logs probably won’'t tell you anything since the init scripts launch jive as a background process, which is almost guaranteed never to return an error code.

I plan on writing some more up-to-date init scripts that actually use RH’‘s init script helper functions, but my wife and I just our second child about 4 days ago, so I’'ve been a little preoccupied.

Sure, checked the program logs… no abnormalities there, that I saw (so, likely, the program was never started in the first place on machine startup).

Congrats on the kid, and no worries on the program… the machine it’‘s on doesn’‘t get restarted often, so it shouldn’'t cause much grief… and if it does, I can shell in and fire it off again manually. Just a curiosity…

i experienced exactly the same behavior with centos4.0 wich is a derivative of rhel4.0. as a workaround, i just added the following code on /etc/rc.local to start the jive-messenger at startup.

/etc/init.d/jive-messengerd start