RING event not being generated


I’'ve got asterisk 1.0.9

Wildfire 3.0.1 plus asterisk-im 1.1.1

I have 2 sip extensions on my asterisk server: 149, 150

I have these 2 extensions registered and can call between them.

I have the following mapping done on the phone mappings settings:

150 SIP/andy 150 andy <5555551234> Edit Delete

149 SIP/prasanna 149 prasanna <5555554321> Edit Delete

asterisk sip.conf has:

callerid=prasanna <510-555-4321>






callerid=andy <510-555-1234>






I then performed the following test:

1.) ensure that JABBER accounts 149 / 150 are signed in.

2.) make sure that both sip accounts are registered with softphones

3.) make a call from andy to prasanna (+sip)+.

4.) I expect to see a RING event sent to the JABBER client - 149. ( but it doesn’'t show up) *

5.) Once I answer the phone, a ON_THE_PHONE event is sent to the 150. But the 149 doesn’'t get the ringing.


  • I expect to see an XMPP message to extension 149 here something like:

<phone-event status=“RING” device=“SIP/prasanna” id=“a7f2ag”>



Further debug information. After putting a sniffer on the Asterisk Manager interface. I see that it sends the RINGING message to the

server. Any idea whats going on here?

**Here''s the sniffer trace from asterisk manager:**


Event: Newchannel.


Channel: SIP/andy-794f.

State: Ring.

CallerID: andy &lt;510-555-1234&gt;.

Uniqueid: 1154106744.129.



Event: Newexten.


Channel: SIP/andy-794f.

Context: default.

Extension: 149.

Priority: 1.

Application: Macro.

AppData: stdexten|prasanna|SIP/prasanna.

Uniqueid: 1154106744.129.

I’'m having the same problem (using 1.2.0 beta). Is there a solution for this?

Are you using the client API? I found a problem with this and the ring event:




I’'m using Spark - which should have built in support for Ring notifications, right?

I got Spark from the Downloads page here at Jive, so i’'m using the newest release.

Also, is the call forwarding feature working yet? Exacttly waht does it mean to forward calls? Is it transfering a call you are on or to “redirect” any incoming calls to another user/ext?


Spark uses the Client API, so the bug existed in Spark as well. It has been fixed and should be working again in the next release of Spark.

As for call forwarding it is not working yet but it will be able to redirect both incoming and in progress calls.



So the fixes for the call notifactions are in SVN trunk then?

I’'m a Java developer and might be able to contribute to the asterisk-im project, are you guys looking for more help?

I’'m very much interested in having the call forwarding working.