Roadmap Published

We just published a roadmap for the next releases of Wildfire and Spark. One thing you’ll notice on the page is a list of the top 10 issues by votes. We make a big effort to prioritize new feature development based on user and customer feedback, so make your voice heard by casting votes!

Does this mean that bugs and features are equally important? My pet bug about IDN (which is in the XMPP protocol) does not have any votes so I guess it won’t be fixed until 4.0 or so…

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Albert – yes, we group bugs and new features together as “issues”. You’ll find more new features with votes than bugs, but that’s the nature of how people vote. Of course, we don’t only use the votes to prioritize work. In particular, bugs usually get fixed more quickly than new features are added.

This is awesome; I really like the layout and especially the right columns with recently created issues and recently closed issues!

I’m still rooting for vhost support. There’s still no issue for it, right? If there’s not, there should be one, so that people can vote for it.


I filed the following issue for multi-domain support: Feel free to vote for it!