Roadmap updates for SparkWeb

This weekend I jumped back into development of SparkWeb to reacquaint myself with the list of outstanding issues/bugs in order to set a course for fixes and improvements. As a result, I have updated SparkWeb’s roadmap in its issue tracker, adding a handful of bugs to be smashed in the weeks ahead for the 1.0 release (and also closed a lot of outdated ones). Clearly the next release will be focused on bugfixes and stabilizations. However, let’s look into the void a bit further and see what new features and enhancements are on the horizon.

Dynamic Theming and Skinning

After developing on and using SparkWeb for nearly a year now, I have grown tired of its current skin and icon theme. In the code we are actually hardcoding a lot of color values and of course hardcoding the skin images themselves. This is not ideal in the least. Let’s work towards a skinnable SparkWeb with updated icons. What I have in mind is something less “heavy” on the eyes, something like Yahoo’s Flex skin they released under the BSD license:

As for the icons, they should also be themable. Imagine SparkWeb with a beatifully clean flex skin matched with the IM-related icons from KDE’s Oxygen icon theme. I would like to see that, myself.

TLS Support

Secure communications over XMPP. Enough said, right? I am sure a lot of you would like this feature.

Plugin Framework

Easy extendabilitiy with the option to disable/enable certain functions would be great. I am sure a lot of you saw Dele’s manipulations of SparkWeb adding Audio/Video communications. That is an obvious use case of such a framework, and I image his code would serve as a good guide for determining “plug points” in the code to implement it.

Stay tuned, and don’t be shy to report bugs and submit patches of course.


When it will support SRV DNS records?


Awesome, I’ll take a close look at this later.

It is currently not possible to send a message to a user’s MUC room resource. However, this feature is in the issue tracker: and is slated for “sometime in the future.”

Added feature request to the issue tracker.