Roaming User / remote & local user settings

I have searched the forums for an answer but couldn’t find one. I apologize if I overlooked it:

I have two users that are roaming users and connect from within the network (locally) and also outside the network (remotely) via there laptop computers. Is they a way to allow them to use the same “server” address for both location connections?

Currently I have to give them an internal IP address to the OpenFire server and then a different IP address for external use. They have to change it, depending on where they are located, internal or external. Using a FQDN doesn’t solve the issue (only works externally) because we host our own DNS.

I may need to ask our tech guys to do some research, but thought I pose the question here first to see if any other users have suggestions.

Is your internal domain name different than your outside domain name? For example our internal domain is Our external domain is When we bind our server to AD it gets a name like and that is its DNS lookup. Therefore on our external DNS I just needed to add an a record for chatserver.ds to resolve The external IP is then mapped to our internal IP with only the ports needed by the server open.

Thank you for the advice. We will do just that. I figured it had something to do with our settings internally, but some of that stuff is over my head.

Thanks again.