Roles in xmpp

Hello all,

I need some advice from you guys, again

After browsing index.html, I have got obsessed with joining a groupchat, and only posting to it. Yes, I do not want to listen to whatever happens into that chatgroup, but just publish messages to it. That is not possible according to xmpp standards, but if you know any trick that might do it, I’ll be happy to use it.

And for my second issue - is it somehow possible to convince a server not to loopback messages sent by me ? (when participating in a groupchat, the server mirrors messages received to every participant. But I don’t want to receive my own message from server, I just want to receive other participants’ messages)

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Ok guys, I have got 2 possible solutions from - really knowledgeful guys.

  1. the 7.9 paragraph from MUC xep ends with

“the only exception to this rule is that an implementation MAY allow users with certain privileges (e.g., a room owner, room admin, or service-level admin) to send messages to the room even if those users are not occupants.”

However this is a bit inconvenient and …as the standard says, it is a “MAY”, that means some servers do implemet it, while others do not.

  1. privacy lists. Once we have joined some MUC room, we set an entry in our privacy list like this guy has done here