Rollback Update Check?

Is there any way to remove the update information after manually checking for updates?

(i.e. Make it as if nobody checked for updates).


I want to remove all the ‘‘update available’’ banners on the main page and plugins page. Am running 3.0.1, and don’‘t want to run 3.1.0 till I can get Asterisk-IM working and want to prevent unneccessary questions of why we haven’'t upgraded yet. Yes, I have disabled automatic check and notification.

Hoping so… thanx!

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Well… yes, there’‘s a way, and here’'s how … simply delete these 2x files and REBOOT!



Not too bad

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look in your wildfire/conf directory. There you should find available-plugins.xml which lists all the plugins and their current versions. Please make a backup of the file before you delete or edit it.

After deleting it you must restart Wildfire to have a fresh-install look.

If you want to have still a list of all available plugins you need to edit it and change “latest” to match your installed version, for example change

<plugin name=“Content Filter” latest=“1.3.1” …


<plugin name=“Content Filter” latest=“1.3” …

if you have Content Filter 1.3 installed and then restart Wildfire. Then the plugin page will no longer display that an update is available.


Thanx LG, beat ya’’ by just under a minute… regardless, your help is appreciated!!

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