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Room Administration Tab not working on Dashboard!

We have installed a fresh version of OpenFire (v. 4.6.0) on our server. When we log into the OpenFire Console and go to Group Chat, we cannot access “Room Administration” tab. Nothing happens when we click on it.
We have tried different browsers as well, our internet seems to be working fine as well. The other parts of the OpenFire Console seem to be working fine.

Please help us in this regard. Thanks

Room Administration is the default menu tab and it is loaded when you go to Group Chat. So pressing on it again does nothing, because it is already loaded. You can try pressing on Group Chat Settings and again on Room Administration to check that. This is what normally shows on Room Administration page:

Thats the thing. Group Chat Settings loads fine (which is default in our case).
Clicking on Room Administration does not load anything. We do not see what you have posted here.

Clicking on Room Admin does show us a 302 error on /muc-room-summary.jsp. Maybe thats a clue.

Check the all.log in Openfire installation directory, logs folder.

so it is not an issue on your end?
this could be an installation bug

No, i don’t have such issue. You can try reinstalling. Or check the logs for some clues.

this is error.log
any clues would be appreciated. thanks

Check the all.log instead and post it as text here or attach the file instead of a screenshot. Mask sensitive information in it, like your domain or such.

all.log (915.7 KB)

this is all.log from the last few days… Any clue would be appreciated.
We still cannot access “Room Administration” tab.

Wow, so much noise from the monitoring plugin in the logs and this is a fresh installation… Maybe @guus wants to take a look at that.

Other than that i haven’t noticed any suspicious. Just a bunch of connection errors, nothing related to admin console problems. But i am not a developer myself. So maybe someone more experienced can find something useful here.

Will installing an earlier version of OpenFire help?
Any other potential solutions?

Well, you can first try doing a completely fresh reinstall of the current version (if you use external database, also removing such database). If this doesn’t work, yeah, you can try the older version. I don’t have any other suggestions.

thanks. can you please point me to the previous stable build after 4.6.0.

If you go to Downloads page, you can find Old versions link besides Openfire 4.6.0 title. Go there, scroll down and click on Openfire 4.5.4 Release.

Moving to OpenFire 4.5.4 did not help. We are faced with the same issue on Admin Console.
Could it be related to some permissions issue?

I am guessing, if that was a permissions issue, it would have affected everything, not just one tab. By moving do you mean a completely fresh install with a fresh database or have you used the same database with 4.5.4?

yes, fully fresh installation.