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Room class and userDeparture events


I have a few doubts about Room class

In line 1029 shouldn’'t the rooster list get updated before dispatching the ‘‘userDeparture’’ event?

What about kick events? Right now the Room class parses the room kicks as userDeparture events. I’'ve replaced line 1029 to support them, is this correct?

*if(item.reason != undefined) {

dispatchEvent( {target:this, type:“userKick”, nickname:userNickname, reason:item.reason} );

} else {

dispatchEvent( {target:this, type:“userDeparture”, nickname:userNickname} );


Any suggestions?


Pablo Costantini

Hi Pablo - I think you are quite right on both accounts. I will add your suggestions to the bug tracker. I don’'t think broadcasting the userDeparture event before removing the item from the roster is a big deal from a usability standpoint, but logically you are correct.