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Room Created ID

If any user create the room and make another owner in room. How we can stop or revoke to 2nd owner remove the room Creator id.

If A create the room ABC. And makes the x, y, z as a room owner. All xyz can remove each other from room ownership but could not remove the creator of the room user id A. Kindly help me

Read XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat §5.2: Affiliations.

I already implement owner, admin, member and other affiliation rules. But every owner can remove each other even those owner who create the room first time. But my issue is that i want to fix room creator owner and no one can remove him. Thanks

I fear this wouldn’t be standards compliant.

Why don’t you just leave the creator as the only owner and make the other users moderator?

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I think it could be seen as implementation defined behavior to not allow the removal of the initial owner(s) from the owner list, and hence, would be standards compliant.

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Thats I want bro. Openfire also add that feature as managment. If i remove the making owner so we can only make moderator/admin. But some time its require to multiple admin to tackle room. But if initial owner can remove it so risky no one wanna make other owner in own room for management purpose.