Room name search

Hi, i am wondering if it is possible to use the api to search through muc room names and return the most relevent room to the search query?


Not sure what exactly you are looking for, maybe something like: MultiUserChatManager.getHostedRooms(String)

Thankyou for the help, i think that might be what i am looking for, i will have to look into it. Basically i have an ejabberd server with and android app using smack 4.1 and i want to be able to return all the chat rooms where the room name matches a string the user is searching for. Hopefully this is a bit more clearer to what i am after.

Openfire supports XEP-0055 Jabber Search for MUC services, which allows you to search for rooms directly on the server.

But afaik this is not supported by ejabberd, so that you have to follow Flow’s suggestion, which retrieves all rooms. You would need to do filtering by the search string on the client then.