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Room of Chat 2.1.0

I am making the tests with Gaim. If you leave a room of Chat, you cannot return to enter if you do not reinitiate the client.

Hey Pablo,

I was not able to log into the server using Gaim. Could you paste the XML received by Gaim when trying to join the room?


– Gato

g_log: file blist.c: line 2570 (gaim_blist_node_get_string): assertion `setting->type == GAIM_BLIST_NODE_SETTING_STRING’’ failed


Is that a Gaim error? If so you should report that error to Gaim developers.


– Gato

It seems a problem of the server. I have proven with old versions of Gaim and happens the same. Also from Windows and Linux.


Because only GAIM is having problems (other clients are not), that leads us to believe that it’‘s a GAIM error rather than a Jive Messenger issue. In order to determine that it is a server error, we’'d need to know what XML the server sends that is breaking the client.



With other clients it works well. It is a pain then Gaim is a client very extended mainly in Linux. A greeting.

look for a good jabber server like jabber.org and you can communicate with all major services like ICQ, AOL, MSN over jabber gateway.

Get ride of GAIM and install a pure jabber client like psi that is much better than GAIM and works nice with linux