Room Participants not maintained between rooms


There seems to be a problem in Spark where it doesn’‘t seem to refresh/maintain the list of people in separate rooms. For example, let’'s say I am in Room A and Room A has Alpha, Beta, and Gamma (me) in it. Then everyone is invited to Room B by Delta and everyone joins. After a few moments, Alpha and Beta leave Room B. When I tab back to Room A, in the list of room members I only see myself, Gamma, even though I can still see chats from Alpha and Beta occurring in that room. In Room B, I see Delta and myself like I should, but I should also see Alpha and Beta in Room A, along with myself. If I leave Room A and re-enter, then I do see everyone in the list properly. This is clearly a glitch.

I’‘ve tested this multiple times and the behavior is repeatable in Spark 2.0.1. When individuals leave one room that I’‘m in, but are also in another room that I’'m in, then they no longer appear in the list of room members for that other room as they should.

Hope this makes sense and can be resolved…


Thanks for the bug report. I’'ve file as SPARK-392 and will fix for the next release.



Thanks very much Derek!!!

We look forward to the next release…