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Room problem

Hi everyone. Recently I have migrated data from embedded openfire database to Oracle.But some rooms are missing in openfire admin console although they do exist in database. Clients like Spark also can’t see those rooms. After adding the room by admin console, the error appers "

room with such id already exists".In spite of this the room appers in the service room list. But when restarting openfire it disappears again.

Has anybody encountered such problems or tell what’s happening?



according to http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1061 Openfire <3.6 does have a “xmpp.muc.unload.empty_days” property. I wonder whether this works also for Openfire >=3.6 or if one can updatethe EMPTYDATE column in OFMUCROOM to make them reappear.