Room Summary missing old rooms

I’m running OF 3.5.1 now, and have seen this bug since at least 3.2.4. If I look at my Room Summary, I don’t see rooms which I know are there. If I open up my database, I see a large (200+) number of rooms, but only ones which have been used recently appear in the web console or from a room list from within a client.

If I join a room using my client, it retains the original settings for logging, subject, etc… At that point, it appears in my room summary in the web console and a room list within a client.

It looks like any room with a sufficiently old emptydate field is effectively ignored. Anyway to change this without hacking away at the database?

Hey Jeff,

What you are describing is the expected behavior. The server will not load into memory rooms that have been inactive for 30 days or more. However, if someone tries to use a “missing” room then it is loaded from the database and restored into memory. If you want to change the default inactive date limit of 30 days to something else you can set the system property xmpp.muc.unload.empty_days to the number of days that you want. Restart the server after you changed this value.


– Gato