RoomEvent.GROUP_MESSAGE - message is null

When RoomEvent.GROUP_MESSAGE is broadcast, the message property is null. Instead, you have to get the data through the data.from and data.body properties:

room.addEventListener(RoomEvent.GROUP_MESSAGE, onRoomGroupMessage);

private function onRoomGroupMessage(e:RoomEvent):void
addMessage( + " : " +;

Is this a bug? Or is it just not implimented yet? If so, does XIFF take outside contributions? I would like to look at fixing this.


Looking at the code, this is a trivial change: line 607 = msg;

should be

e.message = msg;


Looks like a sensible change to me. I would by default think that the “message” property would contain a Message object, although data makes a bit of sense too. All in all this change would make sense to me.