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Roster add crashes spark client

Hello all - recently upgraded our openfire install to current version (3.8.2) on Ubuntu. We still have Spack client 2.5.7 on campus computers. Since upgrade, we are having all sorts of issues where a user has their client crash on them when trying to add a new contact.

Thought maybe old client was causing the problem, but we experience the same on campus computers where new Spark client is installed. I have seen many threads cover this, pretty much most of them unanswered. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Where to look?

Any help is appreciated.


When exactly does the crash happen? And how exactly Spark crashes? Does it hangs or a window disappears and program exits?

Personally i started to experience problems with contact adding more than a year ago, maybe even two. What happens is that if i do not enter anything into username field and click in other fields, Spark starts reconnecting and never does. So i have to kill it and start again. This is not happening to a few developers working on Spark, so it is not easily reproducable and it is hard to tell what exactly causes this. SPARK-1275

Can you provide what version were you using before (Openfire) and what plugins you have installed on the server, also what database are you using?

We are running Openfire 3.8.2, with fastpath 4.2.0 and monitoring service 1.3.2-beta1 installed as plugins.

Our spark client is 2.5.7.

When a user tries to add a contact, as soon as you click ‘add’ when trying to add a new contact, the client closes out / crashes (get a disconnect message). When Spark client opens back up, I get a prompt that user was not able to be added.

Pe-upgrade we were on 3.6.4 on Openfire, and this was not happening. We are more than likely going to roll back as this problem is listed quite a few places on the 'net and there’s not one resolution to be found.

Any help or other information needed, I will make sure it’s here.

The database in use:

MySQL 5.5.31-0ubuntu0.12.04.2

Well, i’ve updated this ticket with your information, but i can’t say when and who will take a look at this. Something has been changed on the Openfire side, yes, but i still think Spark should be handeling this gracefully and not crash or reconnect. Or this can be even Smack issue (underlying library which is Spark built on). Hard to detect.