Roster bug when deleting unsubscribed contacts

I had a nasty problem with Wildfire 3.0.0 today: i registered with a transport, only to realize that i registered with the wrong transport. As expected, i got a lot of authorization requests, but instead of authorizing them, i immediately deleted the users from my contact list. However, when i signed off and back on, i got the authorization requests all over again. I had to shut down wildfire, and manually remove the roster items from my database to get rid of them.

Hmmm… this may be a client issue. Which client are you using?




It indeed seems to be a client issue, sorry for that.

Actually, i have to specify that (i wish these forums still had an edit button): deleting a contact that requests auth of course has no effect, you have to deny the authorization, otherwise it will keep on coming back.

The forum does still have (or better has again since some days) an (edit) button.