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roster.createEntry pb


I use roster.createEntry(myContact) to add an entry in my Roster (I use jabber.com server)

I don’'t understand why sometimes this action goes wrong for no special reason.

I’'ve got an unswer like:" No response from server".

But I’'m connected, and still authenticated.

Why the server doesn’'t want to respond?

Has anybody encoutered this issue?



Are you receiving an XMPPException whose message is “No response from server”? Then the problem is that Smack waited for a couple of seconds for an answer from the server and during that time the server didn’'t send any answer (timeout problem). If you are using a “daily build version” then you can customize the default timeout to whatever value you need.

SmackConfiguration.setPacketReplyTimeout(int millisecondsToWait)


– Gato

Hi Gato,

thanks for your answer.

I already modified the time out. Now it’‘s set to 8seconds (that’‘s quite a long time). But the problem still hapens sometime. I’‘m using the jabber.com server. And I don’'t understand why this problem could happen so offen. So I just wondered if people had already encountered the same problem.