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Roster creation?

Hi ,

I want to know how i can create automatically an account ( for a team member for example) and his roster (all the other team development members) without using a jabber client (gaim,…) and whithout doing it manually.I want to compute the account to create and his roster in an other web interface developed in PHP and i use mysql database.

update: Can i user MD5 algo to store the jiveUser’s password ? If yes ,how can i do?

           Have i modify this XML element on the config file of the openfire server in /opt/openfire/conf:

        <!-- Authentication
                <passwordSQL>SELECT user_pw FROM user WHERE user_name=?</passwordSQL>

Help me, it is urgent !!!

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There is no simple way to do this automatically. You will have to create a shared group and put all contacts in there and then add that one contact to that group so it will have all other in his roster automatically. You can also edit contact’s roster and add contacts one by one. Of course, there is always a way to do things programatically, but you should be a coder and understand Openfire inners and its database schemas.

thank you for your answer!

I’m reading the Class.Jabber.PHP to see if i can use it for my ask .But i don’t know if the authentification must be do by the admin pass word or no.

i have read also the database schema and several articles about th jabber protocol !!!

Vous pouvez aussi répondre en français (que je comprend mieux ).

If you just want to create users, simply add them to your jiveUser table. Openfire will find them, if they try to login.

But this will not work for other things like groups or roster items, because they are cached and openfire needs a restart to find them.

Maybe you could modify the Registration plugin. Create an HTTP-wrapper to create new users / roster entries / etc. so you can access it via PHP. Possibly it does make sense to take a look on my WebReg plugin, too.

Maybe this php-httpclient is helpful, too.

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Thank you for your help.

i will try your proposal process.