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Roster data from AD groups not working properly

Hello, I am running Openfire 3.4.0 and I am having and issue with populating user rosters with Active Directory groups. I navigate to the group and select the enable contact list sharing, and I give the group a name, and then click save. However not all of the members of the group are put on the roster. I have an eight person group and only two of the people end up on the roster for that group. Also, it says “Not Authorized” for every single person added this way.

Another minor annoyance is that for some reason the server thinks it is - so all users show up as user@ hostname -f on the box shows the correct FQDN, so I am not sure why openfire is putting users as user@

It is an awesome product and I would be extremely pleased if there were ways of fixing the issues I am having with it.