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Roster display problem

Wildfire 2.4.4 on Win server 2003, Apache 2.0.55, Tomcat 5.5

This might be a problem on the client side (JWChat).

We have one user to whom this happens (independently on which computer he is) - most of the users in his roster (which is not a personal roster, but a shared group, visivble to everyone) are shown by their JID and not the full name, as expected. Everyone else on the system is seeing the full names.

What could cause this and how can I ceck/correct it? It is significant, because in this system, usernames aren’'t descriptive.

Hi Sabine,

does the user have this problem if Spark is used instead of JWChat? I wonder whether you are running JWChat and Spark or is this a JWChat only environment?


It’'s only JWChat, which has been customized to integrate in the extranet webpages.

The users log in with a token (authorized by a blackbox server/gateway), then the extranet application gets the username for using with JWChat (jid and password are given to the jwchat iframe through url parameters) - everything goes through SSL so that’'s not a concern for security.

It’'s just odd that it only happens to one user, and we have tried deleting and recreating him, aswell as un-sharing the group and sharing it again (with Wildfire restarts).

Any ideas?

Hi Sabine,

I hope you are watching this thread, according to Gato this is a Wifi 2.5.0 bug.


“The issues Bug-- Closed: Fixed JM-591 and Improvement-- Closed: Fixed JM-590 were fixed and could explain the problem you were seeing. Wildfire 2.5.1 will be released today.”


Sorry for not keeping up - we’'ve been caught up in other projects.

Anyway, I updated our internal test Wildfire. I had to recreate the user who was only showing as JID, but after that it seems fine.

I will get back when we get around testing in our clients extranet.