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Roster error?

I tried changing the group of three different roster items at once (against jivesoftware.com server):

(all users belonged to the group “Test” before)


The server only changed the group name of the first item and ignored the rest. Here’'s what I got back from the server:



First, noticed that it is sending back two packets. Why? Second, the group is only changed correctly for the first user.



BTW, I tested this scenario on Exodus and it handles group renaming by sending a seperate packet for each user in the group. I’‘ll do this in Smack for maximum compatability (maybe jabberd needs it to be that way?), but it seems like the server should handle multiple roster sets unless that’'s against the spec.


It’‘s not against the spec but I’‘ve never seen a client put more than one item in the iq before. So I’‘d say it’'s not standard procedure. In fact, you should never try and do more than one thing in an iq packet no matter what the protocol.

I’'ll file a bug against the server though to handle this situation properly.