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Roster event when roster is received?

I’'m doing something like the following:

  • create connection

  • add a RosterListener to the roster for the connection

  • login

  • send presence

I never receive an event from the RosterListener that the roster has been received. This seems like it must be a bug - shouldn’'t the Roster send an event when the roster is received from the server so that I know to go look for the roster? Otherwise, I really have no idea when to do that, since receipt of the roster is asynchronous.

I’‘ve considered the possibility that I need to wait until after I login to add the RosterListener (haven’‘t looked through the Smack source to see if this is true), but then I’'m definitely leaving myself open for the possibility that the roster is received after I log in, but before I register my listener.

hold on… other issues may have been causing this.