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Roster group information not being saved to database

This is a followup on my previous experience of a roster group error. I’'m running the Jive XMPP server on Windows 2000.

It seems to me now that the the roster group information is not being properly saved to the (Oracle 9i) database. When I create new groups, the server seems to cache the changes somewhere in memory. It also tries to save the changes to the database, but what it saves does not make sense ( one group gets saved with a ROSTERID of -1, and it does not save the rest of the groups ).

So as long as the server is not restarted, there are no problems because the server seems to access its cache for retrieving roster group info. However, if the server is restarted, then all the roster group changes are lost since the cache is gone and the server tries to retrieve the messed-up info from the database.

Unfortunately, there is nothing in any of the log files that indicates some sort of error. This problem occurs even without the database connection timeout that was suspected before.

I believe I was running into a similar problem that was fixed in the code yesterday. I was seeing multiple roster items for the same JID (with different group information in each). Iain – same bug?



Yup, this bug is fixed in Alpha 3