Roster/Group Issues

this is what i’‘m doing then i’‘ll tell you what issues i’'m experiencing.

I wrote a script to get all the users and departments out of my billing software and insert them into the database… I’‘m using sql server and the following is the tables i’'m modifying:





the jivegroupprop i’'m only added the values that give a description and make it viewable to everyone.

So basicly first i get a list of departments and either update or insert the departments into the jivegroup, then i make the group viewable. Then i insert all the users, then insert the users into jivegroupuser with their department.

the issues i’'m having are:

  1. users do not update unless the server is restarted.

  2. Users who sign on do not show up on my list unless i sign off and back on.

  3. If i sign off and back on quickly it gives me an error saying that i’'m not authorized. But if i try again after that it goes through.

  4. If a user is on my list and signs off and signs back on i see them fine. But new users who sign on are not visable unless i sign off and back on then i see them.

I have about 110 users total, and 6 groups. Communication works fine.

Let me know if you need more information. Oh and thank you for making the group permissions on visablity and making jive able to install as a service.

one more issue. In the group admin i try to check a box to make myself an admin and it doesn’'t work. it ignores the check box.


Why not talk directly to your database instead of doing inserts into the jiveUser, table, etc? You can do this by writing a UserProvider implementation in Java. We’‘d be happy to help with this if you’'re interested.

If doing direct inserts into the database, the application should be stopped while doing inserts. There’'s no way for Jive Messenger to see the changed data in the database otherwise.

Issues #2 and #4 may be due to bugs in the shared group feature. We plan on releasing 2.1.1 with several bug fixes in the near future. I’'m not sure what #3 may be caused by. Can you reproduce it reliably?



one more issue. In the group admin i try to check a

box to make myself an admin and it doesn’'t work. it

ignores the check box.

Yep, this appears to be a bug. I’'ve entered it as JM-128.



i don’‘t know java i’‘ve played a little with the smack api but other then that i’'m pretty lost.

Basicly i have one table… it contains staff members called


it contains username, password, name, active y/n, email, department.

I select a list of distinct departments and use that for the department list.

I don’'t understand what you mean when you say read directly from the database.




It sounds like the tblstaff database has everything you’‘d need for Jive Messenger authentication and user profile information. With a custom UserProvider and AuthProvider, you wouldn’'t need to copy data to Jive tables – it would be ready directly from tblstaff.

If you don’'t have in-house Java expertise, you could hire someone to make these customizations. If you contact me by email, I could pass along the names of a few consultants that might be able to help.



It seems that you could provide the same thing with an ldap server. I have played around with an ldap server that uses mysql as a backend.

Right now I find it to be more useful to use windows 2000 server as the ldap server at my location.


Out of curiosity how would you go about making the changes in java? Would you create your own UserProvider and AuthProvider classes or would you extend those classes with different classes?