Roster/Group refreshing

Using Spark with openfire and am seeing some weird roster/group behavior which is pulling information from AD.

  1. I am the domain admin, there is 1 other user here who is as well but his account doesn’t show in Spark for me. But it does show for everyone else using Spark. Why would that be?

  2. If I make a change to the security group in AD, IE remove a user, that user is not removed from the roster in Spark. IE the same user was in a couple different groups, I took him out of all but 1. He still shows up in the groups on the user end of those users who first logged in when he was in all those groups. Now that he is only in 1 I cannot get Spark to update

  3. Is there anyway to delete buddies off your list from Spark?

I tried exiting out and deleting the Spark Folder but that doesn’t help at all. It seems that Spark holds onto whatever roster/grouping was first discovered when the user first logs on and then never updates or refreshes it. I have no idea why the other domain admin account doesn’t show on my roster either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Clear the roster cache in Server Manager | Cache Summary…See if that helps at all…

Thanks man. It eventually sorted itself out last night. When I don’t know.

I will try that next time I have this issue to see if that resolves it or not.