Roster Management


Can anybody explain me roster management behaviour?

For example, I create wildfire users writting directly in jiveuser table. Users created have as usernames 3050, 3051, 3052, 3053 and 3054. Then, I add 3051, 3052, 3053, 3054 users to 3050 roster using SMACK API. I also add 2 users that doesn’'t exist (3061 and 3062).

When I look for the roster in jiveroster table, I can’'t find the last contact added (3062) for user 3050, but if I login as 3050 using jwchat, 3062 is in the roster.

How wildfire uses jiveroster table? Where is stored contact 3062 (jwchat can show it but it isn’'t in jiveroster table?

Thanks in advance

this question is difficult,so that’'s my question in using the wildfire.