Roster not loading for few users

Hi all,

The setup we have is Openfire on windows 2008 server using Spark client (ver. 2.5.8)

We have 3100+ users on the roster where as till now only 300+ login regularly.

We are facing issue with few users (8 users), the roster is not loading for them… they login from spark IM successfully they can see all the groups (45 groups) but cant see any users in them.

Assuming problem with machine or spark im installtion issue, we used different user details to login from same machine, it works normally.

kindly help… Where to start looking for correcting this problem ?

  • slax
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This was happening to me too on a few brand new installs of 2.6.0 RC1. But then the problem just … went away. The problem was appearing concurrently with this problem But that also disappeared.

Try the latest 2.6.0 RC1 version with those problematic accounts. Also you can try to delete and create those accounts again (if possible).