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Roster Presences are cleared even if stream resumes. Bug?

The benefit of Stream Management is that the roster (with presences) does not have to be reloaded after stream resumption.

But the presences are all cleared when the stream is interrupted. Is this a bug?

It happens here in Roster.java:

public void connectionTerminated() {

// Changes the presence available contacts to unavailable


Which Smack version?

In latest version 4.1.8

That’s a known bug in Smack 4.1 which was fixed with Only reset Roster on clean termination · igniterealtime/Smack@fc3f5ef · GitHub in the master. You could try a 4.2 beta version.

This fix is also applied in 4.1.8 and does not solve the problem mentioned and I do not see a change in 4.2. beta.

This fix is also applied in 4.1.8
I’m pretty sure it is not. For example git tag --cotnains fc3f5ef99e3f0e4f073c94189b93fa9ab29e26eb returns nothing.

Yes, you are right. After checking again, it is not fixed in 4.1.8, but in 4.2 beta. Thank you.