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Roster problems with gateway contacts

Openfire 3.3.2, Gateway 1.1.2, and Spark 2.5.6.

I use AD LDAP integration and an Oracle DB. Everything is Windows except Oracle.

I login and can see all the AD pushed groups with members showing proper status.

I have the gateway logging into AIM, ICQ, MSN, YIM, and GIM. I get no gateway groups and see no gateway contacts showing online. I do see them listed under the Offline group.

I can IM successfully with users on the other networks by picking them from the Offline Group.

Stop and restart Spark several times, no change…

Add a new user to roster (happens to be an ICQ contact), can see the new user and status in Friends group. Shutdown and restart Spark and all of a sudden all my groups and gateway contacts are there.

I move the new ICQ contact to ICQ group then restart Spark and get all my gateway groups and contacts but do NOT have the new contact I just added and then moved to ICQ group.

I know this is probably of no help, but it is frustrating and want to help if I can. Anyone else having these kinds of issues? Let me know if I can do anything…