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Roster question


I have a question regarding rosting.I setup openfire with a custom database for users and groups.I want to make all groups available to all users.I know how to make each group available for all users in the edit page for a group, but doing so would take a long time since I have many groups.Is there another way to make all groups available ?

I found the following sollution, if someone else is interested( i am using openfire with mysql) : the table in which these settings are saved is ofGroupProp.If you want to share a group with the name Test with every other user you can insert these 3 rows in the table:

(Test, sharedRoster.showInRoster, ‘everybody’)

(Test, sharedRoster.displayName, ‘Test’)

(Test, sharedRoster.displayName, ‘’)

Have you looked at the “Contact List (Roster) Sharing” under the admin console User/Groups, Groups, Edit Group? I think that has the functionality you need.