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roster.removeEntry problem

hi. i have this problem…

i run my client(with smack) and also an exodus client.

i added the user(of exodus) to my roster and the exodus client added me to his roster.

now the problem is:

when i delete the user(with the exodus) from my roster

it also deletes me from the exodus client.

but when i delete someone in the exodus client , the client asks me if i want to force the erson (which i remove) to remove me from his roster…

is that possible in smack.?

because u guese that smack is forcing the deleted user to delete me also from his roster…

how can i prevent that…?

i want that when i remove an entry in my client…

i will still be in the same user roster… and not to force him to ermove me as well

I’'m filing an issue to add this as an option for a future release.