Roster Sharing with AD busts presence functionality

I am experiencing the following problematic behavior when using “Contact List (Roster) Sharing” in Wildfire v3.1.0 and v3.1.1:

When using this feature, presence functionality is very flaky – when User A comes online or goes offline, User B’‘s client doesn’‘t receive notification of (or reflect) the change in User A’'s status until User B manually goes offline and comes back online. When I disable Contact List Sharing and force users to manually populate their respective rosters via User Search, presence functions as it should with everyone receiving proper status change notification.

I experience the same behavior with the latest Psi and Spark jabber clients. My Active Directory configuration in Wildfire is set up properly, with authentication and user/group listing-searching all functioning properly.

I don’'t see any error messages in the logs (with debug enabled) that would provide a clue.

I tried switching the DB from internal to SQL Server just to see if that had any effect, but no change.

If nobody else has experienced this, what in my environment could possibly be causing this?

Just to let you know, I’‘m having the same problem with my custom database integration. Users can log in and message each other fine, but their presence status never updates. Our users only get the status of other users when they first log in. I’'ve found that if I use GAIM to switch the presence subscription from the default “Subscription: To” to “Subscription: Both” then the presence updates correctly, but requiring each user to subscribe to each other user on the auto-roster defeats the purpose of having an auto-roster.

I would also appreciate any insight into fixing this bug.

Ok, now that makes 2 of us. Can anyone provide some ideas as to what might be causing this?

Having the same problem with openldap on 3.1.1 I have found a lot of open threads about similar issues and none of them have helped.

I’‘m not really sure what to do with this bug at this point. The bug tracker says that creating posts on the forum is the proper way to report a bug, but this issue seems to have garnered attention only from those who are suffering from it. Are non-LDAP custom configurations that rare that only two or three people have noticed this bug or is there a simple fix we’'re missing?

I agree there seems to be very little movement on this. I am starting to look for alternatives instead of the original plan to move to the enterprise version.

As far as the tech side of the issue, I think it may have something to do with the fact that the when using an external group list database entries are not created in the jiveRoster table. I have had some success in mocking up subscriptions in the table but nothing is working 100%.


I was having a similar issue, and this thread:

seemed to fix it.

I do indeed have no groups under my user profiles even though my groups have users in them. I have posix mode on and it is correct to do so in my setup. I am still having the presence issue. Is there a way to force population of this?

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