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Roster updates taking longer than before

It looks like roster updates are taking longer on my server now. Usually if i change someone’s name (we append phone numbers to the names and numbers change sometimes) i had only to relogin in Spark and will see the updated info right away. Now it takes hours to propagate such update. Sometimes it doesn’t update at all. I think it was ok with 3.7.x and maybe 3.8.x versions. Maybe some cache management change affects this. Also i’m seeing that changes propagate gradually. Some users see udates faster (aftr they relogin) than the others. I haven’t ever changed any cache setting as i was satisfied with the previous behavior.

Server restart is not always doing any change also, which is troubling as i can’t force roster updates by restarting the server and i don’t know any other way to force it.

Blind guess: This may be a client issue. Better caching on client side reduces network usage and with better reconnect logic one does not need to fetch the vcard every time.

This doesn’t look like the client issue. I change the name of the contact, which is in the shared group. Then, without even logging into clients i check rosters of other users from this group via Admin Console. For some information is updated, some still has this contact with older name. Usually restart helps to get it updated for all users. In my previous testing restart didn’t help, because i was testing with a user, which had this contact added as a local contact. In this case it always stays with the same name (the one specified as a nickname when adding it to a local group).

I have tried many versions till 3.6.4 and all behave quite similar. So i was either lucky all the time to be able to get updates faster to my user, so i had only to relogin to get updates after i renamed someone via Admin Console, or it was working faster long time ago.

All in all this is working very sporadically and unpredictably. Once in my testing renamed value udated to all the users after renaming it, without even restarting the server, but just once.