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Roster - what is this?

Who can explain me what is Roster?

I’‘m trying to translate Spark to polish, and i don’'t know how to translate this.

Roster is a list of all people available to chat on the server.

It’'s still not clear for me.

If Roster means - all users on my server so why in spark i have option “New Roster Group”?

What this mean?

I do not see that option in my spark. But I would believe that is so you can organise the users into custom groups.

OK, thx. I think it’'s enough for me

I don’‘t know that that’'s correct.

i always thought of the roster as the “buddy list”. Openfire’'s internals would tend to agree as each user has their own roster and a roster can have the jids of people form multiple servers.

“all the people available to chat on the server” is a bit misleading… there may be 1,000 people available to chat on my server, but ,my roster only contains 30 of them.


That may be true with your server config. I however have every registered user added to every spark users’’ buddy list automatically. This is why I generalized it this way. Beside which you can add any registered user to your buddy list and in order to do this they must be found from the server “Roster”.