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RosterGroup.addEntry fails to add entries to the group


I’'m using the following code to add existing users to new groups (assume no errors for this illustration):


// send presence request

Problem is that addEntry is missing the following line in the “if (sendEntry)” block:


So the surrounding call would have to be modified to read:

Item item = RosterEntry.toRosterItem(entry);



Funny thing is that this seems to have been broken for ever by looking at the SVN repository (at least for 2 years). However, now I see that Roster.createEntry (which I use to create new user entries) already does the same thing; so I might as well just change the logic a bit and just use that.

Is there a reason for having duplicated means to achieve the same result?

Also, the block below “Add the entry locally” should be changed to “addEntryLocal(entry);” or the entry will end up appearing twice in the RosterGroup in the case mentioned above.