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RosterID Sequences

Hi People,

Is there any way to set the RosterID Sequence to higer number? since i re-install the openfire and only restore 2 tables in mysql. the tables are ofRoster and ofRosterGroups.

on my debug i found that openfire try to execute sqy query

INSERT INTO ofRoster (username, rosterID, jid, sub, ask, recv, nick) VALUES (‘username1’, 41, ‘username2@host.com’, 0, -1, -1, ‘username2’)

while the rosterID in ofRoster table is very far from that number, beyond 6000s.

this proble occur when spark client add a contact and then it will suddenly disconnect.

im using openfire 3.6.4 with mysql as database, and openldap for the authentication.



just sovle the problem… its on ofID table!

Hi seiraya,

I’m running into the same issue… we migrated our DB manually from HSQLDB (embedded DB) to an external SQL server. We’re now seeing similar issues where OF is trying to add roster items with much lower rosterID numbers than where the rosterID numbering ends at. If the rosterID it’s trying to add already exists, then Spark errors and disconnects. If the rosterID it’s trying to add doesn’t exist (that particular rosterID was probably deleted at some point in the past) then it adds the roster item just fine.

To be clear with what you did to fix this in your environment… you set the idType = ‘18’ to a number greater than the highest rosterID number in ofRoster? I’m assuming you have to restart openfire after this?