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Hi, people i have a little problem when my users whants to add a contact some times they get an error 500, if they tray to add the same contact finally after n-times they can add the contact, i saw in the database that this error happens becausse the filed rosterid in the table jiveRoster have numbers that are not secuential for example

rosterID username

2022 diegoj

2023 diegoj

2025 anam

2026 juliom

2028 andrew

in this case when diegoj tray to add is ok, the system add the contact and give the rosterID=2224 but when diegoj tray to add an other contact he have the error 500 if he try again it cuold be add a contact and the new contact will be add with the rosterID=2227, the problem in here is the consecutive because … some body know how can i fix this problem ??


Openfire uses the JiveID table to store “sequences”. It seems that the “roster sequence” is much to low and thus Openfire tries to use the same sequence numbers again.

Did you use SQL or a script to create user entries without modifying the roster sequence number in the jiveID table?