RosterProvider / Roster pre-population via GroupProvider?


I have an external source for roster information that i would like to enforce on the users (including making the roster “read only”). I know this is kind of against the principles of xmpp, but such are the requirements in this project - there have been several posts in the forums regarding this over the years. Yet I am new to openfire and a little confused as to the way forward.

I have tried to implement a first step via a GroupProvider (each user has exactly one group with all his contacts), but somehow the users don’t show up in the rosters (i cleared that caches, restarted the server, openfire 3.5.2).

Any directions would be much appreciated.

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Some References:

just if anybody every wonders, how this can be resolved …

we switched to ejabberd that has a very simple mod_roster_odbc and the possibility to use external auth scripts. it’s actually pretty easy and reliable, but i guess only really viable if adding erlang/ejabberd to your software / application stack is acceptable.