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Routing a message to a Users specific Resource


I’ve tried posting this in the Openfire Dev group, but I’ve not had much luck…

I’m using Jabber-net and Openfire for an application I’m writing which uses messaging to perform various function on a users system.

My application can have a number of contexts when it is running for example, test/staging/live.

As such when a user starts the application they will create a Jabber session with the relevent context as Resource, e.g. edward@server/live

The problem is that when I send a message to edward@server/live it will also get sent to edward@server/test and edward@server/staging.

In my reading I thought that if you specified the Resource in the JID of the recipient the message would only get sent to that recipient, is this correct?

If it is correct does anybody have any possible ideas what else I might be doing wrong?

I’m developing a Windows Forms application in .Net using Jabber-net.

I have my Openfire Server running as a windows service on a Windows Server 2003 box.

If anybody has ideas, any help would be appreciated.