Routing Issues

Okay I will admit I’'m new to Fastpath.

I’‘ve set up 3 queues, Accounting, Grain, and IT. And added a form variable called “department”, which is a drop down with those queues listed. (Accounting, Grain, IT) I’'ve then created 3 routing rules that check for the “department” variable and then route it to the corresponding queue. All queues are set for no overflow, and all agents are available. But when I test it, it seems to ignore my routing.

What am I missing?

Check if all the agents assigend to the respective queues. The logic is after setting up the routing rules, one need to assign the agents to the queues appropriately, then onlt fastpath will be able to route correctly.



Each queue has users assigned to it. It seems the routing is ignored no matter what I do.

Instead it seems to drop the session into each one of the queues in order. Example: First time I test it puts the session into Queue A, next time Queue B, and then Queue C, then starts over from the top.

We are evaluating this product, so we’'re using a demo license. Love to get this figured out so we can buy this product.


Maybe resolved…

What I did was renamed my queues, they were proper (first letter capitalized) which was the same as the criteria I was placing in the drop-down on the form. Also, then changed my drop-down to radio buttons.

So in the end my queue names are now lower case, and my criteria is using radio buttons and is proper (first letter capitalized).

This seemed to help, I will let you know if it was a true fix.

Still seeing issues with routing. I’‘d like to initially route requests to a specific agent, by using the Form UI variable of ‘‘agent’’, but it doesn’‘t seem to work. I’‘ve even tried creating queues for each agent, and that doesn’'t seem to work either.

I’‘ve played with the routing quite a bit, and feel there are some weird issues with it. I’'m personally going to hold off on purchasing this product, till I get things worked out.