RSS feed shows same author for each post


I am not sure when it started, but the RSS feed appears to have the same author for each post ‘’. Not sure if you folks were aware of it or not.


Strange, my post was correctly identified on the RSS feed, but the last one from mtstravel was not. Wonder if he sent it from email and not via the web? Somebody reply to this so I can send an email back


Somebody reply to this so I can send an email back

coolcat, you are a cool cat!

(sent via email)

So much for that theory, my post via email showed up correctly on RSS

Maybe someone else needs to answer via email?

Post above was sent via email.

did not get your post via RSS

Got this post via RSS with the wrong author again.

It’s entirely possible that it’s due to his privacy settings. =)

wrong author again.
Which author name is displayed then? If it is “Martin Weusten” then this is correct.

However the displayed name should be “Coolcat”.

Hi Daniel,

I looked into this further and it appears the RSS feed now attempts to place the email address as the author, instead of the User handle. So previously, coolcat’s appeared as coolcat as the author and now since his email is private


Hey folk, more info on this. First off, apparently RSS is -required- to have an email address in that field and we got a lot of complaints about it. So for RSS, it’ll continue to behave like this. However ATOM feeds are much cooler and have full author info. I can change the default feed type to ATOM if we all thing it’s a good idea. Thoughts?

Also, the “all content” feed doesn’t get all messages. However if you get the “messages” feed or some of the other feeds, you’ll get all posts to forums, not just the “most recent one”. Forget if this was discussed in this thread or not. I’ll post in another thread too.

Hi Daniel,

I’d be in favor of ATOM and if it is cooler, it must be better…

Thanks for the ‘all messages’ clarification. Indeed ‘All content’ is not include ‘all messages’