Run Openfire as a system service on WinXP - 2 users have disappeared

I am currently using this as a tool between phone operators and appointment makers in my office. I have less than 35 users total and the Windows XP box is handling it fine. However I have 2 issues;

First off I need to configure Openfire to run as a system service rather than just an app - logoff and Openfire closes.

Second I have two appointment people using Spark who have disappeared in the roster to everyone else in their group. Groups who have access to that groups roster can see them but those in the same group as these two cannot. When I look at the subscription under roster for these two users in Admin I see “both” for everyone outside their group but either “to” or “from” to those members in their own group.

Any ideas?


Windows Service part guide.html

As about disappearing users. try deleting and recreating that group, or recreating those users.