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Run OpenFire without installation

Hi all,

How do I create an OpenFire executable that already contains an embedded database and all other configurations. This would make it possible to run openfire without installation.

This will make it easier to deploy OpenFire on different PCs and to run it together with other programs.



Hi Jan,

do you want to run it on Linux or Windos?

Why do you want to run Openfire on multiple servers?

You can make a backup by copying the whole Openfire folder, likely after the initial configuration. If you need to change the xmpp.domain you must replace the domain name in embedded-db/openfire.script (embedded-db/openfire.log should be empty) with the new domain name.

You’ll also need start scripts or register Openfire as a Windos service.


Hi LG,

Thanks for your quick response. I want to do this on Windows, I will figure out the way you described.

My current application runs different processes which communicate through XMPP (using the OpenFire server). To make it easieer to deploy this application on other pcs it should be the easiest if my app can start openfire dynamically (without requiring the users to install openfire first).