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Run time Error as" The home directory has not been configured"

Hi to all,

I want to use API createUser from package org.jivesoftware.messenger. *

But at runtime,it is giving Error like

Critical Error! The home directory has not been configured,

which will prevent the application from working correctly.

ERROR 11321 ():

java.io.FileNotFoundException: XML properties file does not exist: jive-messenger.xml

at org.jivesoftware.util.XMLProperties.(Log.java:64)

at org.jivesoftware.util.JiveGlobals.loadSetupProperties(JiveGlobals.java:720)

at org.jivesoftware.util.JiveGlobals.getXMLProperty(JiveGlobals.java:272)

at org.jivesoftware.database.DefaultConnectionProvider.loadProperties(DefaultConne ctionProvider.java:277)

I don’'t know how to configure Home directory.I f anybody knowing,please do reply.

Thanx in Advance.



pass the JVM argument -DmessengerHome=path to your jive messenger installation.

e.g. java -DmessengerHome=/opt/jivemessenger -cp ./yourclasses:/opt/jivemessenger/lib/messenger.jar com.mycom.YourClass

This would allow you to use the Jive Messenger library (messenger.jar) in your own code. You must of course completely configure Jive Messenger so that the api you are using will actually function.

Hope that helps,


I ran into the same problem. I found out that I forgot to chown the base directory (in my case: /opt/wildfire/ ) to the user I use to run Wildfire with. (I had, however, chowned all files inside that directory. That was not enough though).